Trees That Thrive in Dallas TX

There are many trees that thrive in the Dallas TX heat. If you’re planning to plant to a tree in your yard or on your business property, you have a few to choose from that you can expect to fare well with the proper care.

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Here are the top ones:

1.    Desert Willow

This is a native tree which has many hybrids that are great for their extreme drought-tolerance and long flowering periods. These relatively small trees grow fast and are good alternatives to the crepe myrtle. Plant it alongside other drought-tolerant plants to prevent overwatering.

2.    Cedar Elm

This tough and durable tree is also drought-tolerant and poor soil-tolerant. Once established, it can live solely on rainwater. Just beware that cedar elms tend to suffer from powdery mildew and mistletoe, two conditions that can disfigure the tree yet not kill it.

3.    Chinkapin Oak

This native shade tree can withstand drought and features beautiful, serrated leaves. It’s a member of the white oak family, but not as vulnerable to oak wilt disease, which is common in North Texas.

4.    Bald Cypress

An increasingly popular tree in Dallas, the bald cypress grows in wet areas and tolerates unimproved clay, provide the soil isn’t compacted.

5.    Lacebark Elm

This is a medium-sized tree featuring coppery and orange exfoliating bark. This quick-growing and drought-tolerant tree does well in alkaline soil, which is common in North Texas. Just be sure to prune it often so as to foster strong branch structure.

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Trees in Dallas: Making a Commitment

As with planting trees in any other area of Texas or the country, you need to be willing to commit to proper tree care throughout the year. You have to get on a regular watering scheduling to ensure these trees get plenty of water. If you have a young tree under two years old, plan on giving it some extra TLC as they establish themselves in your landscape. In drought conditions, you should water at least two to three times a week.

It’s best to plant trees in the fall and early winter, as the cooler autumn days provide the trees with an opportunity to set down hearty root systems before summer rolls around. Many homeowners rush to replace their trees that were damaged by the sun in the dog days of summer. It’s wise to wait and see, say experts.

Your tree may look dead now, but in the spring, it may experience a fresh growth and rejuvenation. When trees are stressed in the hot months, often times they simply shut down and shed their leaves to conserve energy and ensure the core stays alive. Brown, crispy leaves don’t always signal a dead tree. Give it a chance.

If considering planting more trees in your yard, it’s best to start off with small ones rather than larger ones. That’s because small trees grow faster and thus can establish roots faster. Did you know that trees with one-to-three-inch trunk diameters will catch up to larger trees within just three or so years?

You must plant the tree at the right depth, though – not too deep, which is a common mistake. This can smother the root system. Once you have properly planted the tree, develop a regular and consistent watering schedule. There are large plastic bags you can purchase that will fit around the tree’s bottom. You can fill them with water for even water distribution that ensures roots gradually get the moisture they need rather than all at once.

What to Consider Before Planting a Tree in Dallas

  • What is the purpose of the tree? Shade? Color? Simply to fill in a bare spot in your landscape?
  • How much space is available for the tree to develop to maturity?
  • Research which type of soil the tree needs. You may have soil that is not agreeable to your favorite tree. Make sure you know what it needs, whether shallow soil on limestone or heavy clay that can retain water.
  • How much care does the tree need and how much time are you willing to dedicate to that care? Do you need to regularly trim the tree? Is it one that is susceptible to disease or insects?

Contact Bare Roots Tree Solutions

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