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Our tree and shrub care services extend to the northern tip of Plano, TX. Nicknamed the “City of Excellence, we appreciate the business given to us by its residents and professionals who are in need of an arboriculturist.

The tree care services at Bare Roots Tree Solutions are comprised of:

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Are you looking for tree service in Plano Texas? Contact Bare Roots Tree Solutions to learn more about our tree services.

Our team is highly skilled and treats each job as if it were their own landscape. We exceed expectations and aim for above satisfactory work. We strive to match up to the same precision and planning that the city conveys from the Granite Park Boardwalk to Historic Downtown Plano.

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For a better understanding of our tree care services, in Plano, and why we offer them, see below.

Plano Tree and Shrub Pruning

While this undertaking can be done by you, you can save time by hiring an expert in the field. Additionally, there is a science behind pruning. Making the proper cuts in the right locations are needed in order to maintain the plant’s growth pattern.

Plano Tree Specialist Consultations

When you sense there is something wrong with your tree or shrub but you don’t know what to do, you can count on a professional arborist to guide you. Our consultation services, in Plano, TX, do just that. Through our consultation services, we’ll leave you feeling educated and hopeful about the life of your plants and landscaping goals.

Removing a Tree in Plano

The most important purpose behind tree removal is that it can prevent serious damage to someone’s property, or worse, take a life. Residents and businesses alike are in constant need of tree removal services. Reasons can consist of rot, unfavorable location, dangerous lean, it becoming a nuisance, and weather damage, especially with Plano having a high tornado index. In fact, it’s double that of the U.S. average.

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At Bare Roots Tree Solutions, we excel in tree care services to ensure the quality of your trees and shrubs remain high. With our head arborist, Lee Brown, having a Board Certified Master Arborist Certification, you know we won’t skip a beat when it comes to caring for the your trees and shrubs. Call us now to schedule an appointment – 866-616-3097.