What is a Certified Arborist?

An ISA arborist certification is a nongovernmental, voluntary process by which individuals can document their base of knowledge. Certification provides a measurable assessment of an individual’s knowledge in the competencies needed for proper tree care.

When a professional becomes an ISA Certified Arborist®, they should be recognized by their peers and the public as a tree care professional who has attained a generally-accepted level of knowledge in areas such as tree biology, diagnosis, maintenance practices, safety, and other subject and practice areas within the tree care profession as identified through periodic job task analyses.

They must also continue their education to maintain their certification. Therefore, they are more likely to be up to date on the latest techniques in arboriculture.

What Services Can Arborists Provide?

Arborist can help homeowners maintain their investment by:

  • Tree health: A certified arborist can diagnose tree disease or pest problems and make appropriate recommendations for its treatment.
  •  Pruning: Pruning can be necessary for various reasons including, improvement of health, appearance and safety. An arborist can determine what type of pruning is necessary.
  • Tree removal: Tree removal can be expensive. Consider hiring an arborist when your tree is dead or dying, an unacceptable risk, causing an obstruction, crowding other trees, or located in an area where there’s new construction.
  • Emergency tree care: Removing or pruning storm-damaged trees can be dangerous, but a professional arborist can perform the job safely while reducing further risk of damage to people and property.
  • Planting: Getting your new tree off to a healthy start will help the tree mature to its full size and ensures it will provide environmental, economic, and social benefits throughout its lifetime. Some arborists plant trees, and most recommend species that are appropriate for certain locations.
  • Other services:
    • Plant health care or preventive maintenance.
    • Cabling and bracing for added support to branches with weak attachments.
    • Soil aeration to improve root growth.

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