Plant Health Care Services

Are your trees looking a little limp lately? How about those shrubs – are they browning? Before you take a chainsaw to it or start digging it up, stop! Your plants may not be dying or even dead. They could just be “sick”, a little under the weather if you will. They may have been exposed to a disease or developed a fungus. You won’t know for sure until you call an expert in plant health care services.

Tree disease

Luckily, that’s right up our alley! In fact, our head arborist, Lee Brown, is a Board Certified Master Arborist. Under 2% of arborists have this certification, which is the highest level of arboriculture studies you can achieve. Therefore, you can trust that our plant health care services are top-notch.

Why Hire an Expert in Plant Health Care Services

The answer is simple. You may not know what you’re dealing with or how to properly treat it. A certified arborist will. An arborist can also:

  • Monitor your plants to prevent a problem from occurring in the first place.
  • Offer plant recommendations based on your landscaping goals.
  • Consult and coordinate with your landscapers to be vigilant on certain areas around your trees or shrubs so they remain healthy.

A few consequences of not hiring a professional arborist to treat your plants can include:

  • Ruining a perfectly beautiful piece of your landscape – say you start hacking away at it when all it really needed was a simple treatment solution.
  • Wasting time – think of the time and energy you put into researching your problem, researching types of treatment, applying the treatment or manual labor, and cleaning.
  • Wasting money – you may try multiple treatment solutions to try to fix the problem on your own until you finally solve the matter or to no avail. Our expert arborists can get it right the first time.

You can feel confident and at ease knowing the maintenance of your plants are in good hands getting the care they need quickly and efficiently from professional arborists.

Tree Rot InfectionCommon Plant Problems in Texas

Believe it or not, just like humans, plants too can become infected with a disease or fungal growth. There’s a slew of different diseases and health concerns that plants are susceptible too; however, particularly in Northern Texas, these are some plant problems you may come across:

  • Oak wilt
  • Hypoxylon canker
  • Bacteria Scorch Leaf (BSL)
  • Fire Blight
  • Anthracnose
  • Mushroom Root Rot
  • White Rot
  • Cotton Root Rot
  • Dutch Elm Disease
  • Twig Blight

These are just a few variants of diseases and fungus that your plants may fall victim to. Some are serious. Some may need a quick treatment plan before it’s too late to save the tree, shrub, or the like. Others are harmless and may just be seasonal. Have a certified arborist diagnose the issue and provide you with a proper treatment plan, if one is even needed.

Call the Professionals at Bare Roots Tree Solutions in Texas

Investing in plant health care services is a wise thing to do to maintain your landscaping goals with minimal mistakes. Contact our team of arborists at Bare Roots Tree Solutions!

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