Consultation Services for Tree Care in TX

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Sometimes you may discover white spots on your tree or rot. You may notice some brown wilting leaves on a tree and assume it’s dying. Most commonly, you may see oak wilt.

Oak wilt…you may be asking “What’s that?” For this reason and the former, we offer consultation services as part of our tree care services.

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If you are not a trained and experienced arborist, then you may not know the real problem or how to properly treat it. In this day and age with do-it-yourselfers, many people tend to research the problem that they’re seeing on their tree. This can lead to misdiagnosing the issue which can then lead to mistreating the problem.

Results of Misdiagnosing and Mistreating Plant Problems

A few things can happen if you misdiagnose and mistreat a tree problem, which include…

  • making the problem worse
  • creating a new problem
  • injuries to yourself
  • wasted time
  • wasted money

This is why your first step to figuring out a solution for your tree problem is by calling us. We are experts in the field of arboriculture. We’ve studied it. We’ve dealt with it. We can help you diagnose your tree or plant issue and come up with a solution quicker than you can say arboriculturist.

Booking a consultation with us allows you to speak to one of our professional arborists about your problems and concerns with a particular tree or plants around your home or business. It’s a great way to meet our team, learn more about our tree solutions, and get a glimpse on how we conduct business.

Benefits of Tree Care Consultation Services

There are many benefits with receiving our consultation services for your plant problems that you may not even realize. They can include:

  • Freedom of choice – Based on our treatment recommendations, you can decide which one fits your needs, if any at all.
  • Managing a budget – We’ll provide you with a quote with no hidden fees so you can expect what to pay and when.
  • Obligation free – We won’t force you to buy anything.
  • Get answers to your questions – Consultations are a great way to get your questions answered whether it’s about your plant problem or how we’ll treat it.
  • Education – From plant problems, to treatments, to preventative measures, the understanding of these things can be beneficial to your plant situation now and issues that may arise in the future.

Our consultation services let you explore your options and choose your plant treatment plan based on your schedule and budget.

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Contact Bare Roots Tree Solutions for a Consultation

If you need help with tree removal or tree care, there’s no reason to wait. Delaying the resolution of your tree or plant problem can have serious consequences, such as severe damage or injuries. It may also make the problem worse, which in turn can cost you more money or aggravate it to the point where it becomes hazardous.

Therefore, take action now! Call Bare Roots Tree Solutions today, at 866-616-3097, to schedule a consultation for your tree care needs.