Certified Arborists in Highland Park, TX

We frequently serve the area of Highland Park, ranked one of the best places to live in Texas! Rightfully so, with their pristine landscapes, grand homes, highly rated school districts, low crime rate, and so much more! With a population just under 10,000, we feel like family when we conduct our tree care services in Highland Park, TX.

At Bare Roots Tree Solutions, we provide top-notch customer service and quality plant care services, which include:

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Performing tree care, especially tree removal, is one of the deadliest jobs in America, which is why it’s wise to leave it up to an experienced arborist. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been helping customers in Highland Park with their tree care needs, saving them time and a trip to the hospital.

Let’s dive deeper into our tree care services.

Highland Park Professional Pruning

We consider this a scientific artform. It requires knowledge of specialized cuts and where cuts should be made. A mistake could kill your plant. We’re equipped with the proper tools that are kept cleaned and sharpened to create perfect pruning techniques each and every time.

Highland Park Tree Removal

Even for expert arborists, removing a tree comes with a high risk of injury and could result in fatality; however, our tree removal services are often mandatory as it can avoid costly damage but most importantly prevent injuries or fatalities, if the tree were to unexpectedly fall. From heavy duty equipment to methodical procedures to industry-recommended escape plans, it’s highly advised to have a skilled and experienced arborist handle this matter.

Plant Health Care by Highland Park Technicians

Not everyone has time to give full attention to their plants to ensure they’re healthy and growing strong. We do and can give your trees and shrubs the TLC they need through our plant health care services. We stay up to date on monitoring your plants and performing prompt treatments when a problem emerges.

Plant Consulting in Highland Park

Got questions about tree care solutions? We can answer them! Got concerns about your trees and shrubs? We got solutions! We can provide detailed information about tree care, tree solutions, and our services when you book a consultation with us. We can discuss effective treatments, the process, price, prevention, and more!

Contact Bare Roots Tree Solutions Today!

When you’re in need of quality tree care services in Highland Park, look no further than your friends at Bare Roots Tree Solutions. We’re fully insured with a highly skilled and experienced team of arborists. In fact, Lee Brown, our head arborist, is a Board Certified Master Arborist. In case you didn’t know, less than 2% of arborists in the U.S hold this certification. We’re proud of that! Call us today to take care of your tree and shrub care needs – 866-616-3097.