7 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Dallas Yard

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions at one point or another. We face the new year with a fresh perspective and goals to hit, but somehow by the end of January, we settle back into our old ways. Sometimes there are resolutions that are easier to stick to. This year, why not make a resolution to keep your yard, trees and shrubs in excellent shape for 2022?

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Check out these tips to a better yard and garden.

  1. Control Your Weeds
    Every yard has weeds. Whether in your grass or in your garden, weeds are bad news because they can damage your yard and kill everything in it if left unchecked. Weeding is never a welcomed task, but it must be done. You probably have experienced the frustration of weeding one day just to see them pop back up the next. You need to weed at the right times for it to be effective. Do this task after a heavy rainstorm and make sure you pull them out by the roots.
  2. Irrigate Your Lawn
    If you have dead, brown patches on your lawn, chances are, you’re not watering enough. Your lawn needs water all year long to thrive, so make sure it gets at least an inch of water a week. This can come from rain, the hose or your sprinkler system. It’s best to water at dawn and dusk to avoid evaporation.
  3. Fertilize Your Lawn
    To replenish the nutrients in your soil, regular fertilizing is essential to achieving a green, full lawns. Make a resolution to start fertilizing in early spring when the grass starts to look green again. No matter which kind or brand of fertilizer you use, follow the manufacturer directions as to how much and when.
  4. Prune and Trim Trees
    Your tree’s health and very life will depend on how well and how often you prune its branches. Pruning is the process of removing dead or dying branches to prevent the possibility of disease. It’s also a safety concern, as you don’t want dead branches falling on your property where they could hurt someone. Make sure you concentrate on places where overhanging tree limbs could be especially dangerous, such as near power lines or over your roof.
  5. Add a Vegetable Garden
    Owning a vegetable garden brings joy for many homeowners. Not only is it a healthy way to grow and consume your own food, it saves you money when you can simply pluck a tomato off the vine instead of heading to the grocery store every time. Gardens add beauty and health to your lawn overall, plus it gives you a project to work on by yourself or even with your kids. You don’t need a huge garden: just a square with some soil will do. Plant the seeds you want and make sure to water frequently. If you already have a vegetable garden, resolve to expand it this year and try new things. Some good choices to plant in your Dallas garden include beets, collard greens, carrots, kale, lettuce, mustard greens, spinach, scallions, turnips, and even beans like lima and snap beans.
  6. Get Rid of Garden Pests
    The only problem with planting a vegetable garden is that it can attract pests like snails, aphids, deer and groundhogs. Use repellents and traps to control the pest population in your garden this year. Call a professional pest control technician if the problem gets out of hand. All it takes is one pest to be vigilant about eating your crops. The next thing you know, your garden is decimated.
  7. Enjoy the Yard
    Because your yard is an extension of your living space, it’s important to enjoy it. Make a resolution to use your yard more often in 2022, whether having a picnic on the patio, grilling in the summer, roasting marshmallows over the fire or enjoying the pool on a hot day.

We hope you enjoy these tips and implement at least a few of them for a prosperous and enjoyable 2022. By taking good care of your yard and trees, you can ensure a comfortable and fun space for your family to gather.

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